by Bruce Norris
directed by Eric Ting
Long Wharf Theatre
May 8 – June 2, 2013

“Deftly directed…..Ting, whose staging denies none of the play’s splendid subtleties, deals himself a killer seven-card-stud cast, a seamless ensemble in which each actor stands out while maintaining balance.” (New Haven Register)

“In director Eric Ting’s excellent and exquisite production, the Tony-Award winning play’s acerbic humor and underlying seriousness are fully realized in the most rewarding and uproarious way possible.… Ting has assembled a production that rivals the acuity and clarity of the work’s off-Broadway premiere and subsequent Broadway production. He brings his own vision and timing to the work, making it one of the outstanding achievements of the Long Wharf season….Ting’s casting is superb.” (The Examiner)

Photos © T Charles Erickson