by Aditi Brennan Kapil
directed by Eric Ting
Long Wharf Theatre

[World Premiere] Against the subterranean rhythms of a subway train, a Liberian home care worker, a former Bulgarian ringmaster and his wife, an Indian call center escapee, and a bed-ridden American woman, find and redefine themselves in today’s America.

“Eric Ting has directed this ambitious, layered play without slighting either Ms. Kapil’s astringency or her flights of fancy. The production trundles along the slick track of her prose like a rush-hour express….” (THE NEW YORK TIMES)

“..a production that is as graceful and evocative as trapeze artists flying though air with the greatest of ease… under the deft and fluid direction of helmer Eric Ting and a terrific ensemble, the connections this talented new writer has created come together and resonate in deeply moving and unexpected ways…” (VARIETY)

Photos © T Charles Erickson