by Glen Berger
directed by Eric Ting
Long Wharf Theatre, May 10 – June 11, 2006.

with Mark Nelson

Costume Design: Jessica Wegener
Set Design: Craig Siebels
Lighting Design: Paul Whitaker
Sound Design:

In this gripping ghost story an eccentric librarian discovers a weather-beaten book in a return bin – 113 years overdue. Sparked by a message left in its margins, he embarks on a magical quest that takes him around the world and 2,000 years into the past. With astonishing twists and turns, Underneath the Lintel draws us into an unforgettable odyssey.

“disarmingly entertaining” “smartly directed”
(Anita Gates, NEW YORK TIMES)

“Riveting” “[a] stellar production, skillfully helmed by Eric Ting”
“powerfully human and ultimately sublime”
(Frank Rizzo, VARIETY)

“One of the best plays of the season”
(Joann Greco Rochman, CURTAIN CALL)

“Directed with a sure and invisible hand by … Eric Ting”

Photos © T Charles Erickson